Conversation Street

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

Conversation Street Episode 321

August 9th, 2018

We've got another early podcast for you this week, covering the four episodes between the 6th and the 8th August. What great episodes they were, though! If you've listened to the podcast for any length of time, you'll know what big fans of Jenny Connor we are, so to have her and Johnny become owners of the Rovers Return this week was pretty much a dream come true for us. Not only that, but we've also been very much enjoying Abi recently, so it was great to see her get more time in the spotlight this week, as well as other favourites like Gemma, Henry and Imran - top stuff! After Street Talk, we're excited to be joined once again by the newly crowned Queen of the Rovers, Sally Ann Matthews, who chats to us about how she feels taking on such an iconic role, as well as sharing her thoughts on Johnny's recent behaviour and old vs. new Corrie. That's followed by The Kabin, where we tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming cast vs fans quiz in Manchester later this month, and we finish off the podcast with various listeners' thoughts on the Craig/Bethany/Kayla storyline in the feedback section.

Street Talk - 00:08:44
Interview: Sally Ann Matthews - 01:26:45
The Kabin - 01:44:47
Listener Feedback - 02:02:41