Conversation Street

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.


Sometimes we decide to break away from the usual format of the show and do things a little differently. If you're a new listener to the podcast, or just want to relisten to our special episodes, we've put together a list of them below.

Trips up North

Episode 24: We go up to Manchester for the Corriefest at the Lass O'Gowrie.

Episode 90: Our first trip to Coronation Street: The Tour and a drive around Manchester, hunting down filming locations

Episode 125: A second trip to the Corrie Tour, this time to see it decked out all Christmassy.

Episode 212: Our first visit to Blackpool and a return to Manchester.

Episode 250: Another trip to Manchester, culminating in a behnd the scenes tour of the Corrie set in Media City and an interview with Connor McIntyre.

Episode 268: Michael's trip to Manchester to take part in the Corrie cast vs fans quiz at the Black Dog Ballroom.

Episode 310: We return to Manchester to check out the newly opened tour of the Media City set, visit Salford Museum's Tony Warren exhibit, and catch up with some cast.

Episode 311: London's up north, isn't it? Well it is for us! In this episode, we share the goss about what it's like to see the British Soap Awards being filmed live!

Episode 324: Michael returns to Manchester for the annual Corrie cast vs fans quiz, but this year, he finds himself on the cast team!

Episode 341: We take a Christmas trip up to Manchester to see Connor McIntyre and Les Dennis in panto!

Episode 366: We explore behind the scenes at the Coronation Street set, and check out the British Soap Awards at The Lowry.

Episode 430: We revisit some Corrie filming locations including Heaton Park and the remains of the old Quay Street set, and take a trip to some places we've never been to before, such as Tatton Park and the home of Weatherfield County Football Club.

Episode 431: In week 2 of our Manchester holiday, we continue our tour of Corrie filming locations, including Speedwell Caverns, Pat Phelan's murder mill, and Chimney Pot Park, as well as meeting up with a couple more of the cast.

Episode 432: It's our final few days of our 2020 trip up north, and we head up to Blackpool then down to Shrewbury Prison, where David's prison riot was filmed.

Episode 515: We have a weekend away in Manchester to watch Sally Ann Matthews tread the boards and take a turn about the set on Coronation Street: The Tour

Episode 527: The British Soap Awards made their triumphant return in 2022, and of course, we were there to cover the arrivals and watch the show live!

Episode 537: We celebrate the podcast's tenth anniversary with a special trip to Manchester, where we even got to see some behind the scenes filming!


Awards Shows

Every year, we have a special episode in late December or early January where we look back at the past 12 months of Corrie. The Conversation Street Awards are our special way of celebrating the best that Coronation Street has had to offer, and we also use the episode as a chance to make some predictions for the year ahead.

Episode 22: 2012

Episode 75: 2013

Episode 129: 2014

Episode 180: 2015

Episode 233: 2016

Episode 288: 2017

Episode 343: 2018

Episode 397: 2019

Episode 451: 2020

Episode 504: 2021



Episode 14: Bill Tarmey

Episode 133: Anne Kirbride

Episode 189: Tony Warren

Episode 271: Jean Alexander

Episode 255: Martyn Hett and the other victims of the 2017 Manchester bombing

Episode 274: Liz Dawn


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