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An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

Conversation Street Episode 529

July 2nd, 2022

On out latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 27th June and the 1st July 2022 (Episodes #10675- 10680).

This week, the online anti-Maria campaign gets knocked up a notch when Weatherfield's esteemed councillor gets deepfaked into a porn video. Congrats, Coronation Street - you've actually made us feel a bit of sympathy for Maria for once! Honestly, Alf Roberts and Len Fairclough never had to put up with this kind of thing... Meanwhile, Friday's episode saw a trio of rovers returning to the cobbles in the form of Nicky, Mimi and of course, the arachnidan activist himself, Spider Nugent! It's been nearly 20 years since we last saw this fan favourite character on the Street, and thankfully, he doesn't seem to have changed one bit! Also this week, Peter sees red after the case against Thorne is dropped, George and Todd plot to expose Frank for the bully he really is, and Aaron plans a Summer holiday.

Up next on the podcast, we take a quick visit to The Kabin, where we discuss a couple of special events that Coronation Street: The Tour are organising over the next few months, and we round off the show with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk: 00:21:15
The Kabin: 02:35:59
Feedback: 02:42:55

2022: Our Reflections On The Year So Far

June 28th, 2022

We've reached the end of June, and that can only mean one thing: our annual mid-year look at how Corrie has been shaping up in the first half of 2022. We remember the year getting off to a bit of a ropey start when Gemma, Chesney and Joseph were put front and centre, alongside the misadventures of Emma and Faye, but things have certainly changed for the better, at least in our eyes, with the Abi, Toyah and Imran story, even if there's been one casualty there that we certainly wouldn't have wanted... In this discussion, we take a look at which stories and scenes have really stuck with us, which have been a bit of a miss, and think about how we'd like certain stories to develop over the rest of the year.

Conversation Street Episode 528

June 26th, 2022

We're a little bit later than usual this week, but here we are at last, chatting about what went down on the cobbles between the 20th and the 24th June in the UK (Episodes #10669- 10674).

If you're a fan of Team Platt, there would have been a lot for you to like this week as its family members dominated the main stories. Firstly, you've got Audrey, who kept us very much entertained with her boozy shenanigans in the first half of the week; as well as this, you've got Max, who's managed to make a bit of a plonker out of himself by sending a saucy picture of his bits and bobs to who he thought was Sonya, but who turned out to be his so-called mates. When will these kids ever learn, eh? And if one story about a character's private parts wasn't enough for you, then by golly you'll have left this week a lot more satisfied than Sally was as we were also treated to the ongoing tale of Tim's temperamental todger, including a hilarious case of mistaken identity when the lady from the local donkey sanctuary comes a-knocking.

In The Kabin segment of the podcast, we chat about a new, official Coronation Street puzzle book that'll be hitting the shelves this October, and take a look at what Charlie de Melo's got lined up for his first post-Corrie role. We finish off the podcast with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk: 00:08:27
The Kabin: 02:24:12
Feedback: 02:34:08

Jan McVerry Interview

June 23rd, 2022

In this episode of the podcast, we're joined by Corrie writing legend Jan McVerry, who recently picked up the Tony Warren Award at the British Soap Awards for her outstanding contribution to the show. After bumping into her after the ceremony, we got chatting and arranged an interview, and here it is! Here, Jan talks about how she got into the industry, what it was like to be given the task of penning the 50th anniversary live episode and the creation of beloved characters like Pat Phelan.

Also available to watch on YouTube here.

Conversation Street Episode 527

June 18th, 2022

In our latest podcast, we chat about what went down on the cobbles between the 13th and the 17th June (Episodes #10663- 10668).

It's all go for Cathy this week as her departure from Coronation Street speeds along at such a breakneck pace, you'd think it was Toyah behind the wheel. Speaking of which, things aren't looking good for the younger Battersby sister this week - if being arrested for murder isn't bad enough, along comes a solicitor with the audacity to have a tattoo on her arm. Best start diversifying your tastes, Toyah love, as I'm not sure they do veggie lasagne in the clink... Also this week, Fiz is a bit of a cow when it comes to her wedding guest list, Aaron gets invited on a Summer holiday, and Shona gets her chakras realigned.

Up next on the podcast, we head to The Kabin, where we find out about a new book about the life of William Roache, then we finish things off with more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:16:14
The Kabin - 02:26:07
Feedback - 02:49:43

Our Night At The British Soap Awards 2022

June 13th, 2022

After three years away, the British Soap Awards finally returned to our screens this year, and of course, we just had to be there to experience it first hand! In this episode of the podcast, we chat about heading up to London for the weekend to star spot outside the venue before heading in to watch the recording of the awards show itself. Of course, this was also the perfect opportunity to take lots of video footage and snap a load of pictures, so if you fancy checking out the event from our perspective, head over to our YouTube channel to listen to this episode overlaid with a bunch of footage!

Conversation Street Episode 526

June 11th, 2022

In our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 6th and the 10th June (Episodes #10657- 10662).

Whenever Corrie has a massive week like it did last week, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum in the following set of episodes. Fortunately, we were still gripped this week, with the mystery surrounding the exact circumstances of the crash continuing to keep us guessing. One thing's for sure, though: with all these characters suspecting Toyah purposefully slammed into that wall, and Monday's CCTV footage not particularly revealing anything new, there's definitely no way Toyah's guilty here - that's soap law. Also this week, Summer's attempt to cheat in her English exam backfires for both her and Aadi, Sean's new squeeze brings back some difficult memories for George, and Leo's new hobby causes a massive home brew-ha-ha at the Rovers.

Up next on the podcast, we find out who's been nominated in this year's TV Choice Awards in the Kabin before hearing from some of our lovely listeners in the feedback section, including a review of a special Corrie coach trip last Sunday.

Street Talk - 00:16:44
The Kabin - 02:40:02
Feedback - 02:54:20

Charlie De Melo Final Interview

June 5th, 2022

After four and a half years of playing Imran Habeeb, Charlie De Melo bowed out of Coronation Street in June 2022, his character succumbing to internal injuries sustained in a car crash. In his final interview with Conversation Street, Charlie talks with us about the reasons behind his departure, what it was like to film those action packed final scenes and the memories he will take away from being at the heart of the nation's favourite Street for nearly half a decade.

Also available in video format on YouTube:

Conversation Street Episode 525

June 4th, 2022

In our latest podcast, we share our thoughts on the dramatic events of Britain's Got Talent week 2022, which aired in the UK between the 30th May and the 3rd June (Episodes #10652 - 10656).

This week saw the long-running battle between Alfie's parents come to a head in dramatic fashion as Imran discovers that Abi is planning to flee the country with their son. Then, after stopping Toyah from reporting Abi to the police, the new Mr and Mrs Habeeb are involved in a car crash that ultimately proves fatal for Imran - but what was it that caused the accident in the first place... and was it even an 'accident' at all? Seeing three of our favourite characters battling it out over the past few months has certainly not been easy at times, but it was nothing compared to losing the lovely Imran this week. What did we think of the method in which he was dispatched, and what could the circumstances around the crash mean for our Toyah? Lack of crumbs in the Vegemite aside, things really aren't looking good for her...

After a lengthy discussion about the week's episodes (interspersed in true flashbacky style with some predictions for the week we recorded after Monday's episode), we head over to The Kabin, where there's some great news from the palace for Helen Worth and Antony Cotton. We then round the podcast off with some of your listener feedback about this week and last.

Street Talk - 00:10:05
The Kabin - 02:57:39
Feedback - 03:07:43

Corrie’s Jubilee Jubilations

May 31st, 2022

With the Platinum Jubilee festivities in full swing this week, we're all feeling in a bit of a celebratory mood here in the UK. To mark the occasion, we thought we'd take a look back at the past times when the residents of Coronation Street have put up the bunting and celebrated the Queen's Jubilee. From parades and street parties to even a Civil War reenactment, the Jubilee has always been an excuse to do something a bit special in Weatherfield, and the episodes are well worth watching if you can track them down. Also this podcast, we pose the question, "Who are Corrie's royal family?" and try to decide which clan stands above all others to be crowned the show's royal representatives.

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