Conversation Street Episode 355


In our latest podcast - an early edition what with there being no Friday Corrie this week - we share our thoughts on the dramatic goings on in Weatherfield between the 18th and the 20th March. This week saw Kanage on the cobbles, as the roof of Underworld came crashing down onto some of the street's residents in spectacular fashion. As we say ta-ra to Rana, we reflect on how successful these much-hyped episodes were (spoiler alert: we loved them!), share our opinions on the identity of the shady saboteur, and say who we thought gave the best performances of the week. After a quick break from the factory disaster with a trip to The Kabin for some Corrie news, we finish off the podcast with a spot of feedback on this week's episodes from our listeners.

Street Talk: 00:10:06
The Kabin: 01:43:33
Feedback: 01:51:45

Conversation Street Episode 354


This episode of the podcast covers the latest happenings in Weatherfield, between the 11th and the 15th March. With so many storylines converging into one by the end of the week, it was quite a challenge to separate them out for the Street Talk section, but we kick things off with the (mostly) standalone Kana plot, which sees love's young dream trying to wrestle control of their wedding back from the hands of the delightfully loopy Lolly. Also this week, Robert drops some truth bombs on Michelle, a blast from Nick's past turns up at the barber's, and, fresh from her European tour, battleaxe Evelyn swings back Weatherfield way. Next up on the podcast, we answer a couple more of your listener questions: where would we like to see Corrie go on location to film next, and would we be interested in an official Corrie podcast? After a very brief bit of news in The Kabin and a couple of listener emails in the feedback section, we round off the podcast with a lengthy discussion about our theories and hopes for next week's big episodes. This does include a fair few details that have been published in the press, so if you want to go into next week spoiler-free, maybe don't listen! (Although, of course, it could be fun to save it for a week and then come back to it to see just how off the mark our predictions are..!)

Street Talk - 00:07:13
Listener Questions - 01:16:53
The Kabin - 01:49:07
Feedback - 01:53:06
Street Talk Extra - 02:01:42

Conversation Street Episode 353


On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 4th and the 8th March 2019. With an extra episode stuffed into this week, there certainly was a lot to talk about, including the fast moving world of the Platts, who start off the week in the middle of a hostage situation, but by Friday have celebrated an engagement and the opening of the new barber's! Also this week, Seb gets a birthday surprise, Lolly continues to take over Rana and Kate's wedding planning, and Geoff and Yas are lacking pizzazz. Next up on the podcast, to mark that fact that it was recorded on International Women's Day, we had a chat about some of our favourite Corrie ladies, with Gemma covering her favourite Weatherfield women in 2019 whilst Michael shares his thoughts on who's been making the biggest impression on him in the 1991 classic episodes on ITV3. That's followed by The Kabin, and news of another Corrie addition to the cast of Chapter 2: Zach, and we finish things off with some listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:08:46
Feature Discussion: Our Top Corrie Women - 01:53:14
The Kabin - 02:53:20
Feedback - 03:01:33

Conversation Street Episode 352


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 25th February and the 1st March. Considering that barely a month ago, we were complaining that Shona wasn't being used enough on Corrie, she actually featured quite heavily this week, so good news on that front - although we had mixed feelings about how successful the tale of a mother's unconditional love for her murdering son actually was. Could Clayton's - or even Shona's - days be numbered? Let's just hope the conclusion to this storyline is as well-written as the one that Brian penned for Daniel's MA essay. Also this week, Roy refuses to forgive Carla for hiding the truth about the boat fire, and Tracy and Steve find out about Amy's abortion. Next up, we do a classic character profile of Jerry Booth, where we learned, among other things, that house prices were dead cheap in the 60s, how to gas someone with an electric cooker, and what it's like when Gemma gets the giggles for two minutes straight in the middle of a podcast recording session! That's followed by a quick trip to The Kabin for a few small bits of news, then a bit of your listener feedback. We finish off the episode with a Kabin Extra section, where we discuss this week's reports of an actor taking a break from the show later in the year.

Street Talk - 00:10:10
Classic Character Profile: Jerry Booth - 01:42:53
The Kabin - 02:14:18
Feedback - 02:20:35
Kabin Extra - 02:32:57

Conversation Street Episode 351


In this weekend's episode of the podcast, we talk about Corrie between the 18th and the 22nd February. Another so-so week really, with the main drama coming from the teen pregnancy storyline, in which Amy goes to the abortion clinic with her newly acquired best friend, Bethany. Just how long will the pair of them allow Steve and Tracy to continue to think that they're going to be grandparents? Only time will tell! Also this week, Roy lays some home truths on Carla when the cause of the boat fire comes to light, and the mystery behind Ty's funny Valentine is solved. After Street Talk, we open up the listener mailbag and answer a few of your questions. First up, what could Corrie do to the characters of Tim and Michelle that would actually make us like them? Next, what would it take for us to stop watching Corrie altogether? Admittedly, these aren't exactly the most positively charged questions, but they were still fun to answer! Next up, we wave goodbye to Jane Danson in Dancing On Ice in the news section, before finishing off with some more of your listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:10:09
Listener Questions - 01:22:17
The Kabin - 02:06:41
Feedback - 02:17:49

Conversation Street Episode 350


On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 11th and the 15th February. It's Valentine's week, and love is in the air for a number of Street residents including Mary, who seems to have developed a bit of a crush on Tyrone. Also feeling the love this week are Chesney and Gemma, whose new relationship may have got off to a bit of a false start, but who are soon caught up in the throes of burning passion by Friday. And speaking of burning, it's bye bye Lost Buoy this week, as Peter's latest project goes up in flames, but who, as Sally puts it, is getting fingered for this one? After Street Talk, we have a bit of Valentine's fun with a segment we call Shipping Forecast, where we predict some future Corrie couples and the stories that will see them get together, purely based on them having a funny shipping name. Next up, we visit the Kabin, where there are congratulations in order for the newly married Julia Goulding, and we finsh off the podcast, as always, with a bit of listener feedback.

Street Talk - 00:08:42
Shipping Forecast - 01:38:44
The Kabin - 02:08:19
Feedback - 02:25:43

Conversation Street Episode 349


In our latest podcast, we have a natter about the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 4th and the 8th February. A good week on the cobbles, we thought, with a good mix of comedy (Emma's bid for the Oscars), drama (Jenny and Johnny's trial and tribulations) and mystery (what's the secret of the engraving on Sylvia's ring?). Also this week, David and Nick are on the hunt for a hairdressing hottie, and it's all change at the Kabin. Next up, we're joined for a chat by Connie Hyde, who plays one of our current favourites, Gina Seddon. We ask Connie for her stance on the drama in the Metcalfe household over Christmas, how she feels about the backlash Gina's received over her recent actions, and the importance of the sensitive portrayal of mental health issues in soap. This is followed by a trip to the Kabin, where we hear about Helen Flanagan's possible plans to return from maternity leave, and we finish off with some listeners' views about the Amy pregnancy story in the feedback section.

Street Talk - 00:12:18
Interview: Connie Hyde - 01:44:24
The Kabin - 02:10:32
Feedback - 02:24:47

Conversation Street Episode 348


On this podcast, we discuss the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 28th January and the 1st February. This week, we were treated to some cracking scenes between Evelyn and Tyrone, where the full truth about how Ty's birth (or at least until Corrie feels like doing another retcon with his backstory..) finally comes out. Also this week, Steve comes up with an idea to solve Amy's baby problem that has so much potential to go wrong, it's almost like he knows he's on a soap, Paul continues his charm offensive on the locals, and Peter and Abi rock the boat. Next up, we take a look at the life and lies of Jude Appleton with a character profile, before a quick visit to The Kabin for some news. We round off the podcast with some listener feedback, including - for possibly the first time - something we received through good, old fashioned snail mail!

Street Talk - 00:08:09
Character Profile: Jude Appleton - 01:33:23
The Kabin - 02:08:56
Feedback - 02:16:53

Conversation Street Episode 347


Strap yourselves in, everyone - this is a long one! On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronaton Street broadcast in the UK between the 21st and the 25th January 2019. This week, after finding out that Amy's in the club, Steve goes after suspected father Aadi with a spade. Meanwhile, another one bites the dust off screen as Sylvia has a heart attack, and rough diamond Abi goes job hunting. After Street Talk, it's time for the second annual Joni Awards, where we take a lighthearted look at some of the characters and stories from 2018 that didn't quite hit the mark. Among this year's categories are some old favourites like the Dirty Dog and Mardy Mare awards, along with a slew of new ones such as the Weatherfield Waterworks award for most persistent crier and the Daft Apeth award for stupidest decision made by a character - do let us know if you agree with the results! In The Kabin section, we comisterate Corrie's loss in the NTAs, then after a bunch of emails in the feedback segment, we discuss this week's big spoilery news about a departing character in Kabin Extra.

Street Talk - 00:08:11
The Joni Awards 2018 - 01:32:29
The Kabin - 02:55:16
Feedback - 03:06:12
Kabin Extra - 03:32:58

Conversation Street Episode 346


In our latest episode of the podcast, we chat about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 14th and the 18th January. This week, there's a bit of a close shave for Nick when David rumbles his involvement in the theft of Audrey's cash; Sinead manages to get rid of at least one of her internal growths as baby Bertie is delivered early and, because Soap Law says that at least one character has to be in the club at any one moment, Amy discovers she's got a Barlow bun in the oven. Oh yeah, and we suppose we'd better mention Sally was released from prison too - but can we just forget this whole story ever happened now, please? With this being a very late episode, we decided to forego any news or feedback, but fingers crossed we'll finally be back to our usual weekly schedule from this weekend!

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