Conversation Street

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.


Thank you so much to all our listeners who support the podcast via Patreon. The support of our patrons helps enormously with the costs of hosting the podcast, and our goal as time goes on is to continue to develop the show in new exciting ways, including purchasing new equipment and helping to fund trips to Manchester. If you would like to find out more about supporting the podcast on Patreon, you can find more about it here.

Conversation Street Patrons

Abby Krim

Adrian McGrath

Aimee Jones

Archie Hancock

Bianca Kiessling

Bill Vetter

Chad Price

Chris Bonelli

Chris Leckie

Christina Conn

Darran Slator

David McGowan

Denise Thomson

Elizabeth Reno

Emma Dalrymple

Erica Vanaver

Fiona MacKenzie

Fiona Nash

Freya Bain

Hilary Seymour

Holly Rushton

Jack Marsh

Jan Summerhayes

Jay Diemert

Janelle Germain

Jess Carrier

Jesse Murray

Joe Traglia

Jon Trouten

Juliana Duffy

Kathleen Melia

Laura Ginty

Lena Cutrone

Lois Goldner

Louise James

Lucy Sanders

Marina Hogan

Matthew Hahn

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa Stocker

Michelle MacDonald

Michelle Pettis

Nancy Hovhanesian

Navdeep Rehill

Oonagh Sharma


Patricia R Hanavan

Paula Dawson

Peg McCaskey

Peggy Belarde

Peter Mill

Rachel Olson

Ray Cranston

Rebecca Grimshaw

Rebecca Hartman

Rebecca Payne

Reuben Johnston

Richard Taylor

Robin Gentle

Shannon Nicholson

Shari Todd

Shauna Murgett

Shelley Nobes

Smoffi O'Leary

Stephanie Loney

Susan Robins

Teena Lewis

Vicky Naim

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Victoria Ray

Zubair Patel

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