Conversation Street Episode 254


On our latest podcast, we review the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 15th and the 19th May. Well, this was certainly a week that saw a massive improvement from start to finish! Though we weren't impressed by more whingy Nick and Leanne on Monday, the script sparkled on Wednesday thanks to some hilarious lines from the likes of Mary and Rosie. As for Friday, well with the Bethany and Jenny stories getting top billing (as well as more brilliant Rosie), you can't really go wrong there in our eyes! After Street Talk, we launch into a discussion inspired by Gina's recent return, where we consider which other long-lost family members would make an interesting comeback. That's followed by some happy news for Rob Mallard and Dan Brocklebank in The Kabin, before we round off the podcast with a bit of feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 253


On our latest podcast, we talk all things Corrie in the week of the 8th to the 12th May. What a way to start the week that was! Tracy in court, Amy alone in the Peak District, Rob handing himself in... Our fingers were on fire as we were typing the notes for Monday's episode! Then on Wednesday, Ken squints and starts to remember the day he was attacked, and then... and then... Oh. More whingy Michelle and Leanne for most of Friday. Ho hum - at least we got a bit of Gina, another fab new addition to the Corrie character list, and the David and Shona stuff was quite good too. But come on Corrie! Just tell us who the phantom Barlow Basher is! After Street Talk, we tackle a Coronation Street legend in the character profile section, giving you a potted history of the late, great Betty Williams. This is followed by British Soap Awards talk in the Kabin, and another bumper listener feedback section to round things off.


Conversation Street Episode 252


On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 1st and the 5th May. This week, Rob's on the run in the Peak District, but when the going gets tough, will he take take Tracy and Amy with him, or will he disappear without a Trace? Back in Weatherfield, Bethany's still reeling from her ordeal with Neil, Rosie and Sophie confront Gina, and Maria and Aidan find themselves engaged in another round of Inter-Connor Congress... After Street Talk, we take your listener questions about our behind the scenes tour of the Corrie studios, revealing a few more bits and pieces we forgot mention in Episode 250. Next up, in the news section we give our reactions to the newly announced Corrie wartime novel by Maggie Sullivan, then finish off with more of your thoughts about the grooming storyline in the feedback section.


Conversation Street Episode 251


After last week's trip to Manchester, we're back to a normal show this week, starting with a Street Talk that covers the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 21st and the 28th April. As the Nathan and Bethany storyline gets darker, Lucy Fallon shines in her portrayal of the vulnerable teen. Meanwhile, we find out what's brought Rob back to the cobbles and ponder whether Tracy's making the right decision in doing a runner with him. Speaking of comebacks, Sally's sister Gina is back on the Street for the first time in 30 years, whilst Freddie bows out. Street Talk is followed by a short (well it'd have to be, wouldn't it?) character profile on Freddie, then we move into the news section where we discuss the somewhat controversial decision to make a waxwork of Michelle for the Blackpool Madame Tussaud's museum. Finally, we move onto The Kabin, and this week, we had so much feedback we couldn't even get through it all! We read through some of our top picks, from contributors old and new.


Conversation Street Episode 250


Welcome to Episode 250 of Conversation Street! For the past week, we've been up in Manchester on another Coronation Street pilgrimage, and in this very special episode, we give you the full run down of all the Corrie-related things we've been getting up to. As you might expect, we spent a few days visiting various filming locations, such as the allotments, the Dog & Gun, Ryecroft Hall and Richard Hillman's watery grave at Portland Basin, but the jewel in the crown goes to our visit to the Corrie studios themselves. Thanks to a very generous offer from Connor McIntyre, we spent the day on Tuesday walking down the cobbles, meeting the stars of the show (including our favourite lady, Sally Ann Matthews!) and finding out some behind the scenes secrets. Not only that, but we also got to interview Connor about his time on the show. We had an amazing time making this episode of the podcast, and we've done our best to share our excitement with you. Enjoy!


Conversation Street Episode 249


It's time for Episode 249 of the podcast, and even though we've been having an amazing time in Manchester this week, you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer before you hear about it, because this episode focuses squarely on Corrie between the 17th and the 19th April. There are shocks and surprises galore this week, starting with the revelation - at last! - that Shona is actually Clayton's mum. Yes, we saw it coming, and yes, they probably shouldn't have kept it a mystery for so long, but we're excited to see how things are going to play out now we finally know her link to the Street. Also this week, the finger of suspicion in the Barlow basher case points at both Adam and Tracy, but by the final scene on Wednesday, a whole new suspect comes into play... and we're left scratching our heads yet again about who we can really trust. After Street Talk, we weigh up Corrie's chances in this year's British Soap Awards, then finish things off with a bit of listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 248


Our Conversation Street duck's got his bunny ears on again, so that can only mean one thing: Easter is here! And what egg-citing adventures did our favourite bunch of northerners get up to this week, then? Well, the 'who pushed Ken?' mystery got a bit of a week off this week, but luckily, the Sally troll storyline still gave us the chance to do a bit of speculating. At least we don't think it's going to be Jenny anymore; besides, she's too busy ignoring her fiancé in favour of making sure their big day is going to be one to remember to go around sending hearts in boxes. Elsewhere on the Street, David's latest acquisition gets Gemma extrememly excited (honestly, it'd probably be a tough choice if she was given the option of a cute dog or £20,000!), and Michelle's back for the inevitable bunk up with Robert. After Street Talk, we reflect back on our ten-week Keep Fit With Corrie regime, giving mini reviews of all the DVDs we've been trying out and  wondering why (spoiler!) we didn't actually really lose much weight. Here's a clue: it's probably something to do with all the eating... oh well! There's shocker after shocker in The Kabin, from BAFTA snubs to Corrie actors' salaries supposedly being leaked, then even more speculation about Ken's attacker in The Kabin.


Conversation Street Episode 247


This weekend's podcast covers the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 3rd and the 7th April. This week, Ken's woken up from his coma, but, of course, has no idea who'se the one that put him there. We're pretty convinced it's Little Miss Moneybags at the moment, but even so, we're absolutely loving the twists and turns the story's taking. What really went on between Peter and Chloe? Why does Ken have a new will? Is Adam's shifty behaviour really just a massive red herring? We don't know all the answers, but we certainly enjoyed speculating! After Street Talk, we tackle some listener questions, with the spotlight falling this time on Phelan and Leanne. In the Kabin, we offer our critique (yes, and it is pretty crtical!) of Will.I.Am's latest music video, filmed in the Rovers, and we end the show with a few of your Barlow-bashing theories in the feedback section.


Conversation Street Episode 246


In this weekend's podcast, we discuss the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 27th and the 31st March. We knew it! We said last week that all that Ken drama was going to build up to some kind of whodunnit, and this week, we were proven right. The Phantom Barlow Basher struck on Monday night's episodes, whacking Ken on the head and pushing him down the stairs as he went up to fill the kettle. Was it Adam, the scorned grandson? Tracy, the neglected daughter? Daniel, the grieving son? Someone else? There are so many possible suspects in this, and of course, we weigh in with our own thoughts and theories. After Street Talk, we do a profile of one of Corrie's most iconic characters, before ending the podcast with some lovely listener feedback. Ah yes, and as it's April 1st, we may well have snuck an April Fool into this episode, too - see if you can spot it!


Conversation Street Episode 245


On this episode of Conversation Street, we take a look at Corrie between the 20th and the 24th March. With there being no Wednesday visit to the cobbles, it literally was a week of two halves - but fortunately, the episodes themselves were consistently fantastic. Ken Barlow was once again at the front and centre this week, and we loved it - his scene with Sinead in number one where he laments how Deirdre always held him back in life being particularly gripping. Meanwhile, Tracy fought to save the florist, Peter continued to play a dangerous game with Chloe, and a mysterious phone call for Amy certainly got us speculating! After Street Talk, we delve into the second half of our run down of the Rovers landlords and landladies, covering the likes of Natalie, Fred and... the Beige One. There's some news about Cherylee Houston's new fundraising project in The Kabin, then the usual mix of tweets, Facebook messages and emails in the feedback section. Enjoy! 


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