Conversation Street Episode 315


On our latest podcast, we have a good old chat about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 25th and the 29th June. It was one of those weeks that had a load of interweaving storylines, what with Simon getting up to no good in both the Rovers and Flora story, and Steve and Tracy's relationship connecting up with both Daniel and Abi's stuff. That does make Street Talk a bit of a minefield, but we manage to make it through to the other side in a relatively organised fashion at least. That's followed by our annual 'Let's see how Corrie's done in the first half of the year' discussion, where we weigh up the highs and lows of Kate Oates' final few months as producer. In the Kabin, there's congratulations in order for new mum Helen Flanagan, and we share who has and hasn't made it onto the shortlist of the TV Choice Awards (no Connor, Charlie or Sally? They wuz robbed!). We finish off the episode with some of your emails, tweets, Facebook posts and a quick voicemail response to one of last week's messages in our feedback section.

Street Talk: 00:09:29
2018 So Far In Review: 01:41:05
The Kabin: 02:33:57
Feedback: 02:53:11