Conversation Street Episode 314


On our latest podcast, we cover the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 18th and the 22nd June. There's one word that we think sums up this week's Corrie: venom. Like the ghost of Poison Ivy Tilsley had possessed half the Street's residents, so many scenes this week had someone going out of their way to be utterly nasty to someone else, with chief perpetrator being one Johnny Connor. We know he's been through a lot this month, but is that really an excuse for how he's been treating Jenny and, once he finds out about Susie's parentage, poor Eva? And what about Michelle and Leanne? Not exactly the most sympathetic characters at the best of times, but this week was something else. Over at the factory, Alya and Sarah put on a performance worthy of the understudies at the Weatherfield Amateur Dramatics Society in order to quash the knicker stitchers' secretarial ambitions, while the previously lovely Kayla shows her true colours and goes full-on evil after we discover she is actually Neil Clifton's daughter. Thank goodness for Abi, who brought some much needed levity to the week! With little in the way of news for a second week in a row, as well as the Pat Phelan special we put out just a few days ago, we decided to skip our usual middle sections this week, but there was stil plenty of listener feedback to get through, including a few thoughts on Pat's demise now that it's aired overseas.

00:05:30 - Street Talk

01:44:16 - Listener Feedback