Conversation Street Episode 307


In our latest episode of the podcast, we talk about the events on the cobbles between the 7th and the 11th May in the UK. Well, Kate Oates has said one of her aims with Aidan's suicide storyline was to get people to talk about the issue, and by 'eck, did it work on us! After kicking things off with the usual Corrie history quiz, we go on to spend nearly three hours dissecting what has been one of the show's most important weeks ever. The incredible performances, the important messages, the masterful direction, the perfectly interweaving storylines... This is a week of Corrie that's affected so many people, and we just hope we've done it justice with our critique. After Street Talk, we take a very brief break from discussing the week's episodes to see what's been going on in the news, then we're back to Aidan again for the feedback section, where we read out, and listen to, some of our listeners' thoughts on the week.

Street Talk - 00:06:42
The Kabin - 02:49:49
Feedback - 02:51:41