Conversation Street Episode 306


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 30th April and the 4th May. This week, two stories which, let's face it, have been a little bit on the ridiculous side over the past few months, both reached a climax. Firstly, in the story that perfectly encapulates the soap words of doom "What could possibly go wrong?" Eva gives birth to baby Susie, and Toyah puts the next phase of her plan to pass it off as her own into action. Then we have Jude, Mr "I am not, nor have I ever been, a marine biologist", finally being caught out by Angie after trying to pass two amateur actors off as his bullying co-workers. Fortunately though, despite the whole suspension of disbelief thing, we actually did enjoy both these storylines! Also this week, a tearful Jenny reveals her true motivations for wanting a fresh start in Spain, Yasmeen gets her mojo back, and Beth eyes up a new business idea for Kirk. After Street Talk, we have a listener question segment that covers the topic of life after soap for actors, then we run down the shortlist in the British Soap Awards in The Kabin. After a feedback section full of emails, tweets and Facebook messages, Gemma does a solo Kabin Extra covering some of next week's big events on Corrie, which Michael's been on a social media and soap news blackout to try and avoid since Monday. Just a few days left to go!

Street Talk - 00:08:30
Listener Questions - 01:30:20
The Kabin - 02:05:05
Feedback - 02:42:45
The Kabin Extra - 03:06:25