Conversation Street

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

Conversation Street Episode 291

January 20th, 2018

On our latest podcast, we jabber on about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 15th and the 19th January in the UK. Anna's trial kicks off this week, and it's Seb who takes the stand first - will he be able to keep his nerve? Meanwhile, Toyah's paranoias over Carla culminate in a beer-illiant fight in the Rovers, and there's a shock for Craig when he discovers Bethany's unlikely new profession. After Street Talk, we have a little feature on soap magazines, comparing Inside Soap and Soaplife's festive offerings this year, pondering what kind of market they're aimed at, and whether they do a good job. In The Kabin, we have a look at the results of some online polls that Corrie has been running this week, and discover how out of touch we seem to be with the viewing public! That's followed by the usual mix of opinions in the feedback section, and a Kabin Extra at the end of the show to discuss some surprising cast news that's recently been revealed.

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