Conversation Street

An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

Conversation Street Episode 254

May 20th, 2017

On our latest podcast, we review the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 15th and the 19th May. Well, this was certainly a week that saw a massive improvement from start to finish! Though we weren't impressed by more whingy Nick and Leanne on Monday, the script sparkled on Wednesday thanks to some hilarious lines from the likes of Mary and Rosie. As for Friday, well with the Bethany and Jenny stories getting top billing (as well as more brilliant Rosie), you can't really go wrong there in our eyes! After Street Talk, we launch into a discussion inspired by Gina's recent return, where we consider which other long-lost family members would make an interesting comeback. That's followed by some happy news for Rob Mallard and Dan Brocklebank in The Kabin, before we round off the podcast with a bit of feedback.

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