Conversation Street Episode 248


Our Conversation Street duck's got his bunny ears on again, so that can only mean one thing: Easter is here! And what egg-citing adventures did our favourite bunch of northerners get up to this week, then? Well, the 'who pushed Ken?' mystery got a bit of a week off this week, but luckily, the Sally troll storyline still gave us the chance to do a bit of speculating. At least we don't think it's going to be Jenny anymore; besides, she's too busy ignoring her fiancé in favour of making sure their big day is going to be one to remember to go around sending hearts in boxes. Elsewhere on the Street, David's latest acquisition gets Gemma extrememly excited (honestly, it'd probably be a tough choice if she was given the option of a cute dog or £20,000!), and Michelle's back for the inevitable bunk up with Robert. After Street Talk, we reflect back on our ten-week Keep Fit With Corrie regime, giving mini reviews of all the DVDs we've been trying out and  wondering why (spoiler!) we didn't actually really lose much weight. Here's a clue: it's probably something to do with all the eating... oh well! There's shocker after shocker in The Kabin, from BAFTA snubs to Corrie actors' salaries supposedly being leaked, then even more speculation about Ken's attacker in The Kabin.