Conversation Street Episode 243


On our latest podcast, we dissect the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 6th and the 10th March. Move over Platts: the Barlows are ruling the roost in Weatherfield right now, with no fewer than three stories this week revolving around Ken and co. This week, Daniel and Sinead come to a decision about the pregnancy, Peter makes a startling announcement about a potential business opportunity, and Ken's got money to burn when he finds out what shady business Adam's been getting up to. After Street Talk, we do a character profile revisit on Liz McDonald. It was Episode 4 of the podcast when we featured her in our first ever 'classic' character profile segment; 4 years later, we take a look at what she's been getting up to since her triumphant return to the show. A bit of a slow news week in The Kabin, but we have a few first-time writers in the feedback session at the end - always good to hear from someone new! If you'd like to vote for us in the British Podcast Awards, just head over to - we appreciate your support!