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An unofficial podcast for the long-running British soap, Coronation Street.

Conversation Street Awards 2014 Nominations

December 13th, 2014
The end of 2014 is nearly here, which means the return of the Conversation Street Awards! The past twelve months have seen their fair share of heroes and villains on the cobbles, but which characters and storylines are most deserving of praise?   Results will be revealed in our annual awards show around New Year, but first, have a look at the nominations below and pick your winners!  The listener poll count for two thirds of the overall vote, and Gemma and Michael will get the rest, so make sure you cast your vote!

You select your winners for the first six categories by following this link, and the voting for the final five awards will be open in a week's time. Now get voting!

"Top Lass!" Award for Best Female
  • Hayley Cropper
  • Carla Connor
  • Deirdre Barlow
  • Tracy Barlow
  • Kylie Platt
"Top Lad!" Award for Best Male
  • Roy Cropper
  • David Platt
  • Peter Barlow
  • Michael Rodwell
  • Steve McDonald
"Eh Up!" Award for Best Newcomer
  • Andrea Beckett
  • Maddie Heath
  • Tony Stewart
  • Michael Rodwell
  • Yasmeen Nazir
"Wrong 'Un" Award for Best Villain
  • Pat Phelan
  • Todd Grimshaw
  • Neil Beckett
  • Jim McDonald
  • Rob Donovan
"By 'Eck!" Award for Most Shocking Moment
"Ta Ra!" Award for Best Exit
"Flamin' Nora!" Award for Best Redhead
  • Rita Tanner
  • Cilla Battersby-Brown
  • Kylie Platt
  • Chesney Brown
  • Craig Tinker
  • Fiz Stape
  • Gary Windass
"'Ello luv!" Award for Best New Couple
  • Andrea and Lloyd
  • Maddie and Sophie
  • Gail and Michael
  • Liz and Tony
  • Dev and Julie
"Ecky Thump!" Award for Best Fight
  • Tracy attacks Carla at the factory (3rd December)
"Bobbins!" Award for Silliest Story
  • The Rovers cricket team
  • Deirdre's sudden departure
  • Tim reveals he is illiterate
  • Cilla's brief return and personality transplant
  • Dennis leaves Rita for Gloria
"That's Champion!" Award for Best Storyline
  • Hayley's death and its effects on Roy
  • Tina's murder
  • Peter in prison with Jim
  • The Windass-Armstrong financial woes and dealings with Phelan
  • Kylie turns to drugs
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