Conversation Street Episode 263


On our latest podcast, we run through the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 10th and the 14th July. We may all be in denial about it, but it's the end of an era this week as Liz and Steve sign the Rovers over to new owners Peter and Toyah. Kate Oates had better have some good stories up her sleeves for this one otherwise we're starting a protest group to get the McDonalds back behind the bar where they belong! Also on Corrie this week, Neil starts to lose his cool after Bethany finally reveals the truth to Craig about his involvement in Nathan's sex ring, and Erica books a hotel room for a night of saucy fun with Kevin - will he give into temptation? After Street Talk, we do a quick character profile of Aidan Connor, before sharing our thoughts about the rumours of Joanna Lumley wanting a return to the cobbles in The Kabin. We then round things off with some more listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 262


This week on the podcast, we talk about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 3rd and the 7th July. Not the most thrilling set of episodes this week (sorry Chesney, even your stabbing wasn't enough to get us that excited), but we nevertheless enjoyed the start of Eva's revenge campaign against Aidan. Meanwhile, Jenny invites Singh for his supper, and Adam and Todd's first client at their new law firm is a 12-year-old girl... Perhaps not the kind of market they were going for, but it's a start, right? In The Kabin, we clear things up about the whole Katie McGlynn pregnancy brouhaha, then finish things off with a bunch of birthday month feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 261


In our latest podcast, we chat about Corrie between the 26th and the 30th June. Just a four-episode week this week, dominated by a few key stories with a couple of extra bits thrown in for good measure. In one of Corrie's worst kept secrets, Pat turns paternal this week, when he reveals to Nicola she's actually his long-lost daughter. Yes, it's all a bit soapy, but we still loved hearing about Phelan's upbringing in Liverpool, and if it means more Connor McIntyre on our screens, you won't hear us complaining! Also this week, Eva finally finds out about Aidan and Maria's affair, and we can't wait to see the return of her vengeful side when she starts to get her own back next week! After Street Talk, we take a look back at 2016 so far, now that we've reached the midway point. From Bashed Barlows to Battersbaby Bombshells, it's been a cracking six months - let's hope they keep up the good stuff in the second half of the year! In the Kabin, we take a look at the TV Choice Award nominations that were revealed this week, then we round the episode off with more of your listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 260


Episode 260 of Conversation Street takes a look at everything Corrie between the 19th and the 23rd June. Nathan tries to smuggle Bethany away to Belgium on Monday, and we don't think it's for the chocolate. Will she come to her senses in time? Meanwhile, it's all about secret hook-ups elsewhere on the Street: Seb and Faye have a post-prision 'reunion' but get caught out with the classic soap 'leave incriminating evidence at the top of the bin' mistake; Cathy gets locked in the bathroom during a date with Brian; and Aidan and Maria take advantage of Eva going off to France to get in some sexy time - what could possibly go wrong? Following the recent sad news of Roy Barraclough's death, we take a look at Alec Gilroy in a classic character profile next, before celebrating Sam Aston's recent engagement in The Kabin. Finally, we end things as usual with a selection of tweets and emails in the feedback section.


Conversation Street Episode 259


On the latest podcast, we talk about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 12th and the 16th June. Being such a Jenny/Johnny-heavy week, it would have been difficult for Corrie to have screwed this one up for us, really, although that's not to say we weren't upset when he dumped her on Monday night! We've got our fingers crossed for a quick reunion, and a lot more scenes with the fantastic Rich and Sal! Elsewhere on the Street, Daniel shows Izzy how a drug-taking scene should really be done, and we're introduced to Drew's daughter, Summer. Bright, adorable...maybe potentially irritating and possibly secretly evil? The jury's out so far, but good to get another clearly talented young actress on the Street nonetheless! After Street Talk, we tackle a pair of listener questions (our  least favourite stories that were generally considered to be strong, and our thoughts on which Corrie houses we'd like to live in), before a short, 'slow news week' edition of The Kabin. As always, we round off the show with the usual feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 258


On this podcast, we talk about the episodes of Corrie between the 5th and the 9th June. This week, David and Shona grow closer, but what will happen when the truth about her link to Clayton finally comes out? Meanwhile, Jenny's nose gets put out of joint when Eva hijacks her appointment with the jeweller, and the Barlows go ballistic when it's revealed who really pushed Ken. After Street Talk, we do a second character profile on Nick Tisley. After he left Weatherfield last week, we thought it would be interesting to compare our thoughts on him now with when we profiled him back in 2013 - and what a difference a brain injury makes! In The Kabin, we give a full run-down of the wins, losses and, of course, fashion highlights of the British Soap Awards, then we finish off the podcast with three bits of feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 257


On our latest podcast, we delve into the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast between the 29th May and the 2nd June. What with it being the annual 9pm Britain's Got Talent week, we were seriously hyped up about this set of episodes before it started, and although it didn't quite meet our lofty expectations, there were still a lot of things to like. Chief among these, we felt, was Rob Mallard's electifying performance as Daniel, who this week sinks further into madness after revealing himself to be the Barlow Basher. Elsewhere on the Street, the penny finally drops for Shona that Bethany's Nathan is indeed *that* Nathan, but can she and David rescue her in time? Meanwhile, Nick's got that sinking feeling during a trip to the beach, and it's Bonne Anna-versaire to Ms Windass. On Tuesday, we also got to see the return of Daniel's mum Denise Osbourne, so as a quick catch up for the uninitiated, we thought we'd better do a character profile on her this week. This is followed by The Kabin and the sad news of Roy Barraclough's recent death, and the episode ends with a some listener feedback, with emails focusing on a variety of topics including bank holidays, calming British accents, and, yes - even some Corrie!


Conversation Street Episode 256


It's the eve of the Britain's Got Talent finals week, and we can usually rely on Corrie to break out a few twists at this time, to set up the mega drama that's bound to unfold in the 9 o'clock specials. Well, this week we were certainly not disappointed, with our two favourite storylines of the moment both having amazing twists. First up on Monday, it's revealed that sleazy Neil is actually a police sergeant, a development that makes Nathan managing to evade the law so much in the past make much more sense. Not only that, but it opens up a brand new avenue for the story to head down in the future too - fantastic! The biggest reveal, though, of course, was that Ken's attacker was finally unveiled. Needless to say, we were INCREDIBLY  satisfied with how everything turned out there, and we cannot wait to see what's going to go down between Daniel and Ken next week! Aside from Street Talk, we've just got a bit of feedback to finish off the main podcast, but we do then head into spoiler territory at the end with a Kabin Extra, discussing this week's casting news, as well as sharing our thoughts and predictions for next week following Friday evening's thrilling trailer.


Conversation Street Episode 255 - We Stand Together


In the wake of the terror attack in Manchester on Monday night, we thought it best to release a 20-minute standalone episode of the podcast to talk about what's happened. In particular, we focus on the life of Martyn Hett, the self-proclaimed Corrie Superfan, who was tragically killed in the attack. We'll be back at the weekend with our usual weekly episode. To donate money to support the families and friends of the people who were killed or injured in the attack, please visit


Conversation Street Episode 254


On our latest podcast, we review the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 15th and the 19th May. Well, this was certainly a week that saw a massive improvement from start to finish! Though we weren't impressed by more whingy Nick and Leanne on Monday, the script sparkled on Wednesday thanks to some hilarious lines from the likes of Mary and Rosie. As for Friday, well with the Bethany and Jenny stories getting top billing (as well as more brilliant Rosie), you can't really go wrong there in our eyes! After Street Talk, we launch into a discussion inspired by Gina's recent return, where we consider which other long-lost family members would make an interesting comeback. That's followed by some happy news for Rob Mallard and Dan Brocklebank in The Kabin, before we round off the podcast with a bit of feedback.


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