Conversation Street Episode 271


On our latest podcast, we cast our critical eyes over the episodes of Corrie shown in the UK between the 3rd and the 8th September. This week started off very strong, with a Sunday episode that managed to pack in some high drama with Phelan nearly offing Andy, comedy with Sally's mayoral ambitions, and an enjoyable little side story with Amy and Summer. Not only that, but the Rita storyline kept us gripped all week thanks to a fab performance by Barbara Knox, and even the bits with Seb and Faye managed to create a bit of intrigue thanks to his mysterious injury. Top stuff! After Street Talk, we're thrilled to be joined by Hayley Tamaddon for a chat about all things Andrea, who we were big fans of during her two years on Corrie. That's followed by the Kabin, where we share our reaction to the sixth weekly episode being on a Wednesday. Listener feedback coming from as far away from Hong Kong finishes off the Corrie part of the episode, then, as promised, we round things off with some off-topic discussion of the latest season of Game of Thrones.


Conversation Street Episode 270


We had a late podcast last week - how about an early one this time? We only had three episodes of Corrie to chat about on the latest podcast, covering the 28th to the 30th August, and things are certainly looking bad for Rita, as her condition deteriorates - something that has not gone unnoticed by Gemma. As for Jenny, though... well let's just say she's got more than enough troubles of her own with the wedding looming! Meanwhile, Sally sets her sights on becoming the Mayor of Weatherfield, and Andy's in a grave situation... After Street Talk, our extended 5th anniversary month continues into September, and we're joined by the lovely Georgia Taylor! That's right - an interview with someone whose character we certainly haven't always been the most potive about in recent months, and yes, she does call us out on that during our chat! We really think you're going to love how this interview turns out, and can't wait for you to hear it. There are a few minor news stories to cover in The Kabin later, but you'll have to wait until after the feedback at the end to hear our thoughts on this week's major tabloid rumour!


Conversation Street Episode 269


On the latest podcast, we discuss the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 21st and the 25th August. We've been off on a short break to France this week, but did that stop us watching our favourite soap? Did it 'eck as like! We were far too excited to see what Phelan had in store for Andy, and were on the edge of our seats on Monday's episodes when the pair of them had that scuffle in the basement. Another big talking point, of course, was the matter of Norris and Mary's wedding! We were kept guessing right until the last minute about whether or not they'd actually go through with the ceremony, but what did we make of what actually happened, and what could be in store for the couple next? Also this week, Chesney does a disappearing act on a trip out with the girls, and things move forward for David and Shona. In The Kabin, we make our choices in this year's Inside Soap Awards, then  follow up with more of yor listener feedback. We round off the episode with a spoilerific Kabin Extra, in which we speculate about the potential ramifications of the recently reported returning cast member.


Conversation Street Episode 268


This week on the podcast is quite a special one! Episode 268 marks Conversation Street's fifth anniversary, and what a show it is! In Street Talk, we chat about the episodes of Corrie broadcast between the 11th and the 18th August - seven episodes in total, and we try a new format for the segment. We think it works quite well, but we'd love to know your feedback too. The big talking point of the week is, of course, the reveal that Pat has indeed been keeping Andy hostage all this time - what a twist! Yes, we may have predicted it, but we were so excited to be proven right, and can't wait to see what happens next. Also in the segment we ponder whether Jenny is right to be fewmin' over her now double wedding, give our first thoughts on the newly recast Hope, and discuss whether Gary made the correct decision to keep Sarah in the dark over his Odessan odyssey. Next up, Michael tells all about his trip to Manchester this week - yes, Gemma was able to persuade him to go, and what a good job she did too! Who cares about the 9-hour coach trip or a night in the worst hotel in Manchester when there's an opportunity to mingle with the stars at a cast vs fans quiz? It was a brilliant experience, and we hope you enjoy hearing about it. The Kabin's bursting with big news too - we react to the magical new Coronation Street trailer that ITV have put out and discuss the Corrie cover feature of this week's Radio Times. Think Gemma's fashion commentary is just for red carpet pics at award shows? Think again! Finally, we round off the episodes with some listener feedback including -  wait for it - a voice message from Morgan! This is quite possibly our longest episode yet, but hopefully you'll agree it's a good 'un!


Conversation Street Episode 267


We're away for a couple of days this weekend, so this podcast comes to you a bit earlier this week, just covering the episodes of Corrie between the 7th and the 9th August. So, the mystery Michelle's stalker has finally been revealed, and we can't say we're that surprised. We're not really fans of Will, and this story still isn't really gripping us, sadly. Fortunately, the Steve and Leanne stuff is still gold, and the thought of Rosie working for Adam and Todd is ripe with comedy potential. The question is, will anyoe actually remember Rosie's actually had PA experience at the factory? After Street Talk, we've got another cast interview for you to enjoy - this week with Jennie McAlpine! We chat with her for half an hour about everything Fiz - if you enjoyed last week's interview with Brooke, you're going to love this! Speaking of Brooke, it turns out that talking to us wasn't even the most exciting thing to happen to her last Friday - she also managed to get herself stuck in a lift! That's the lead story in The Kabin later in the episode, and we round things off as usual with some listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 266


Our 266th show covers the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 31st July and the 4th August. This month, Conversation Street celebrates its fifth anniversary, and if Michael and Gemma can have birthday months, why can't the podcast? With that in mind, we've got (maybe!) a whole month of special features lined up for you in August, starting off with an interview with Brooke Vincent, aka Sophie Webster! Brooke kindly spoke to us for 15 minutes today about romance, religion and Rosie's recent return, and we couldn't be happier with how it went! Before you get to that, though, there's an hour and a half of Street Talk to get through - no, we're not quite sure why it went on for so long this week! Was it the speculation about Phelan's secret confession? The incredulity that we both absolutely LOVED Leanne on Friday's episodes? Or just the numerous jokes cracked at Michelle's expense basically revolving around the fact that whoever's kidnapped her deserves to be bought a beer? Later on in the episode in Street Talk, we discuss the SHOCKING news this week that Tristan Gemmill is secretly not really northern, and round off the show with some more listener feedback. All in all, we had a pretty fun time recording this week - hope you enjoy, and look forward to the rest of our pod-iversary month!


Conversation Street Episode 265


On Episode 265 of the podcast, we chat about everything Corrie between the 24th and the 28th July. This week, the most prominent characters were Toyah, Leanne and Michelle... no prizes for guessing that it wasn't our favourite set of episodes, that's for sure. Hey, at least we still had a bit of Billy and Todd stuff, and playing a game of 'Is Summer's granddad actually going to speak?' kept us entertained for a while on Wednesday. Ho-hum, you can't win 'em all.. Now, where can we sign up to join the 'Let's terrorise Michelle' brigade?  We quite fancy ourselves in one of those ninja outfits... After Street Talk, we take a look back at the original Corrie landlord Jack Walker in a classic character profile, followed by a review of The Addams Family musical, starring ex-Corrie ice cream man Les Dennis. We finish things off with a bumper feedback session and, unlike last week, some actual theme music!


Conversation Street Episode 264


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 17th and the 21st July. It's the end of an era on the Street this week - we may not want to admit it, but the Rovers is now firmly in the hands of Peter and Toyah. It does seem, though, that Liz is starting to regret her decision to sell up, so who knows..? Also at an end this week is Neil's reign of terror, after Craig gets the evidence he needs to get his mentor arrested. With no epic climax to one of the biggest storylines of the year, however, we still reckon there could be a bit more to come. Meanwhile, Eva and Adam strike up a deal, and Brian has a rubbish storyline. Next up, although we didn't get to see any of Norris and Mary this week, they were still the inspiration for our middle section: a Corrie-themed Mr and Mrs quiz! We've been married nearly seven years now, but just how well do we know each other's Corrie favourites? After the victor is declared, we move into The Kabin to debunk the latest press rumours about Cath Tydesley, and finish things off with more listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 263


On our latest podcast, we run through the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 10th and the 14th July. We may all be in denial about it, but it's the end of an era this week as Liz and Steve sign the Rovers over to new owners Peter and Toyah. Kate Oates had better have some good stories up her sleeves for this one otherwise we're starting a protest group to get the McDonalds back behind the bar where they belong! Also on Corrie this week, Neil starts to lose his cool after Bethany finally reveals the truth to Craig about his involvement in Nathan's sex ring, and Erica books a hotel room for a night of saucy fun with Kevin - will he give into temptation? After Street Talk, we do a quick character profile of Aidan Connor, before sharing our thoughts about the rumours of Joanna Lumley wanting a return to the cobbles in The Kabin. We then round things off with some more listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 262


This week on the podcast, we talk about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 3rd and the 7th July. Not the most thrilling set of episodes this week (sorry Chesney, even your stabbing wasn't enough to get us that excited), but we nevertheless enjoyed the start of Eva's revenge campaign against Aidan. Meanwhile, Jenny invites Singh for his supper, and Adam and Todd's first client at their new law firm is a 12-year-old girl... Perhaps not the kind of market they were going for, but it's a start, right? In The Kabin, we clear things up about the whole Katie McGlynn pregnancy brouhaha, then finish things off with a bunch of birthday month feedback.


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