Conversation Street Episode 240


On our Valentine's week podcast, we talk about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 13th and the 17th February. The sex ring storyline gets even darker this week, as the creepy Nathan succeeds in luring Bethany into bed. We're both gripped by this story, but is Corrie going too far? From sex to drugs, and Rosie spills the beans to Adam about the buried biscuit tin - can he convince Todd to join him in his nefarious plans? Meanwhile, Pat panics when he finds out that Luke's on the hunt for Andy, and Leanne waddles down the warpath when Simon goes missing during an evening with Peter. Next up, we take a look in the Corrie history books and do a classic character profile of Rosie's first love, Craig Harris. In the Kabin, we go through the main points that came out of this week's Corrie panel with Kieran Roberts, before finishing off with some listener feedback.


Conversation Street Episode 239


This weekend's episode of Conversation Street covers all things Corrie between the 6th and the 10th February in the UK. Love her or hate her, you can't deny that this week belonged to Rosie Webster, the vegetarian goth turned glamour model turned reality TV star, who made her big return to the cobbles this week. Although we both agreed Ms. Webster was a little OTT on Monday's episodes, we thought she'd calmed down a lot by Friday, and are both thrilled to have her back on the show. Also on The Street this week, Daniel and Sinead drop their undies in Underworld, Pat gets a young apprentice, and Shona... well, she's still just as mysterious as ever. After Street Talk, we return to our Conversation Street Awards Ultimate Showdown, and discuss, among other categories, the best couple, fight and story of the past five years. Some real tough decisions here, and we definitely don't always agree! In Street Talk, we celebrate the extension of Helen Flanagan's Corrie contract, and then finish off the episode with another large batch of listener emails.


Conversation Street Episode 238


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 30th January and the 3rd February. This week, it's all about the money on Corrie. Adam's miffed when he finds out Ken's only leaving him a tiny fraction of his estate in his will; Johnny asks Jenny to sign a pre-nup after Kate convinces him she's after his cash; and Kevin tries to convince Anna to sue David over her injuries when his insurance company refuses to pay up after the garage fire. Meanwhile, the truth about Peter and Toyah's affair finally comes out, and Leanne is on the warpath! After Street Talk, we take a look back at the past five years of the Conversation Street Awards, and try to pick out the ultimate champion in each category. In The Kabin, we celebrate the naming of factory foreman Dirk - that's right, it's #DirkNotKirk! - played by friend of the shown Adam Blease, and the subsequent press attention he's received this week. We finish off the show with a bumper batch of listener feedback.


Conversaton Street Episode 237


Episode 237 of Conversation Street covers all things Corrie in the UK between the 23rd and the 27th January. This week, Phelan's the one having nightmares after his violent encounter with Andy the previous Friday, but will he be able to erase all traces of the fight - and is Andy REALLY dead? (Yes, we may have another Callum situation here..) Meanwhile, Michelle's feeling understandably low in the run up to Ruairi's funeral, but it's Liz who we had the most sympathy for this week, as she's forced to deal with the loss of her grandchild alone. Our character profile this week is, of course, Andy Carver. We track his Corrie journey from Gavin to the grave, and ponder what - if any - impact his departure will have on the show. In The Kabin, we celebrate Faye Brookes' win at the NTAs and Gemma casts her eye over the award show fashion, then we round off the main part of the show with a selection of emails. That's not all, though - we have two bonus segments at the end this week: first, we react to this week's shocking cast news in a Kabin Extra, and we round things off with some highlights of our Coronation Street Funk Fit DVD commentary!


Conversation Street Episode 236


On podcast 236, we have a natter about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 16th and the 20th January. This week, Eileen secretly weds the man of her dreams - and Andy's, come to that - but little does she know that her days of making fun of Gail for marrying a murderer will soon be coming to an end.. Meanwhile, Michelle continues to mourne the loss of her baby (that's right, Steve - it's HERS!) in her own special way, whilst Gemma makes a worthy contribution to the world of botany by investigating the age-old question: Do Venus fly traps actually exist, and if so, do they like doner kebab? After Street Talk, we rank the recent returnees and ponder the future for  Chesney in a listener questions segment, before catching up with what Katie 'I'm 19, honest!' Redford is doing now in The Kabin. We round off the show with a voice message (hooray!) and a couple of emails in the feedback section.


Conversation Street Episode 235


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 9th and the 13th January. This week's shows certainly got people talking, didn't they? Whether you found Michelle's miscarriage on Wednesday brilliant drama or deeply uncomfortable viewing, it can't be denied that Kym put in a powerhouse performance, made even more real by her own personal experiences. We talk about the issues this latest plot development has raised and consider what could be next for Steve and Michelle. Don't worry, though, it's not all doom and gloom - hopefully you'll at least find Gemma's attempts to work out the proper Irish spelling of Ruairi amusing! Also this week, Bethany continues to be lured in by the enigmatic Nathan, Andy rolls over for Phelan yet again, and Chesney is left red-faced after worming his way out of a night out with Sinead. Next up, to commemorate 40 years since her first appearance on the cobbles, we do a classic character profile on Suzie Birchall (no, we don't know much about her either!), look at some new unofficial Corrie merchandise in the Kabin, then finish off the episode with another set of listener emails.


Conversation Street Episode 234


The first podcast of 2017 has us discussing the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 30th December and 6th January. We don't know about you, but we certainly had Happy New Year when it came to Corrie watching this week, what with Jenny and Johnny taking centre stage for much of the seven episodes. The official 'Best New Couple of 2016' certainly had their ups and downs this week, but we were thrilled with how it all ended - now Johnny needs to get that wedding ring on her finger fast, before Aidan starts meddling. Still, if his schemes to split them up are anything like that busines plan he was putting together in the Bistro on Friday, we think they'll be okay. Elsewhere on the Street, Mary, Andy and Roy all decide to stay in Weatherfield after all (did anyone really expect them to leave?), and Phelan starts to put the wheels of his next evil scheme in motion. After Street Talk, we look at the Top 10 most featured characters on Corrie of 2016 in the Kabin, then finish off with a selection of comments from new listeners in the feedback section.


Conversation Street Awards 2016 Winners


Many thanks to everyone who voted in the Conversation Street Awards 2016! Below is the list of winners, which you can hear us discussing in Episode 233 of the podcast.

WinnerTopLass16.jpg  WinnerOurKid16.jpg
WinnerFlaminNora16.jpg  WinnerWrongUn16.jpg
WinnerTaRa16.jpg  WinnerByEck16.jpg
WinnerElloLuv16.jpg  WinnerEckyThump16.jpg
 WinnerBobbins16.jpg WinnerThatsChampion16.jpg


Conversation Street Episode 233 - The Conversation Street Awards 2016


Welcome, one and all, to the Conversation Street Awards 2016! We've tallied all your votes, and now the time has come to reveal whose virtual mantlepiece will soon be adorned with one of our prestigious pixelly prizes. Which guys and girls will be crowned Top Lad and Top Lass? Which shocking moment had us all gasping "By 'Eck!"? Which new lovers have set our own hearts aflutter? Can anyone really beat Pat Phelan in his evil scheme to take home every 'Best Soap Villain' award there is going? Download Episode 233 and find out! Following the awards show, there is, as always, the after party, and the topic of conversation around the buffet table is, of course, a critique of the past 12 months on the cobbles. We round off the show with our 2017 predictions - all of which are 100% guaranteed to come true. Maybe.



Conversation Street Episode 232


In this week's episode of the podcast, we chat about the episodes shown in the UK between the 23rd and the 26th December. Christmas Day has arrived in Weatherfield, so let's cross off the usual tropes: Festive punch up? Check! Family secrets revealed? Check! Present mix-up? Character behind bars? Obnoxious incidental music? Check, check and check! Corrie certainly didn't go out of its way to do anything radically different this Christmas, but we didn't care, because we absolutely loved the hour-long special this week, and despite the identy of Peter's secret woman hardly being a shock, we were thrilled to see the return of Our Toyah to the cobbles. As well as that, we've had the arrival of Mary's son, the beginning of Billy's return to the Church, and some sinister and intriguing goings-on around Bethany. We'd like to thank all our listeners for tuning in in 2016, and wish you all a Happy New Year - we'll be back early January with the Conversation Street Awards!


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