Conversation Street Episode 315


On our latest podcast, we have a good old chat about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 25th and the 29th June. It was one of those weeks that had a load of interweaving storylines, what with Simon getting up to no good in both the Rovers and Flora story, and Steve and Tracy's relationship connecting up with both Daniel and Abi's stuff. That does make Street Talk a bit of a minefield, but we manage to make it through to the other side in a relatively organised fashion at least. That's followed by our annual 'Let's see how Corrie's done in the first half of the year' discussion, where we weigh up the highs and lows of Kate Oates' final few months as producer. In the Kabin, there's congratulations in order for new mum Helen Flanagan, and we share who has and hasn't made it onto the shortlist of the TV Choice Awards (no Connor, Charlie or Sally? They wuz robbed!). We finish off the episode with some of your emails, tweets, Facebook posts and a quick voicemail response to one of last week's messages in our feedback section.

Street Talk: 00:09:29
2018 So Far In Review: 01:41:05
The Kabin: 02:33:57
Feedback: 02:53:11


Conversation Street Episode 314


On our latest podcast, we cover the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 18th and the 22nd June. There's one word that we think sums up this week's Corrie: venom. Like the ghost of Poison Ivy Tilsley had possessed half the Street's residents, so many scenes this week had someone going out of their way to be utterly nasty to someone else, with chief perpetrator being one Johnny Connor. We know he's been through a lot this month, but is that really an excuse for how he's been treating Jenny and, once he finds out about Susie's parentage, poor Eva? And what about Michelle and Leanne? Not exactly the most sympathetic characters at the best of times, but this week was something else. Over at the factory, Alya and Sarah put on a performance worthy of the understudies at the Weatherfield Amateur Dramatics Society in order to quash the knicker stitchers' secretarial ambitions, while the previously lovely Kayla shows her true colours and goes full-on evil after we discover she is actually Neil Clifton's daughter. Thank goodness for Abi, who brought some much needed levity to the week! With little in the way of news for a second week in a row, as well as the Pat Phelan special we put out just a few days ago, we decided to skip our usual middle sections this week, but there was stil plenty of listener feedback to get through, including a few thoughts on Pat's demise now that it's aired overseas.

00:05:30 - Street Talk

01:44:16 - Listener Feedback


Conversation Street Episode 313 - The Pat Phelan Show


Builder. Father. Rapist. Husband. Kidnapper. Liar. Scam artist. Murderer. For the residents of Weatherfield, Pat Phelan has been many things. For us he's been one of the most compelling reasons to tune into Coronation Street these past five years, one of the show's most complex characters to ever grace the cobbles and, quite simply, the best villain Corrie has ever seen - and we DO love a good bad guy. In this special episode of the podcast, we talk about the life, the lies and the legacy of the loathesome yet loveable Liverpudlian lawbreaker. To kick things off, we're thrilled to be joined by the man behind the monster, Connor McIntyre, for an exclusive interview, in which he offers his final reflections on his time on the Street and answers some of your listener questions. We then take a trip back in time to where it all began and play some podcast clips from the time of Pat's first episodes before chatting about how his character has changed since then. This is followed by our final thoughts about his exit week, now we've had a bit of time to let the dust settle. Up next, we run down our Top 10 Pat Phelan scenes ever - be sure to email in and let us know how much you all disagree! - before discussing the big question: is Pat truly Corrie's greatest ever villain? Towards the end of the episode, we tackle some of the Phelan detractors' biggest criticisms of the character, before rounding things off with a short quiz. Enjoy!


Conversation Street Episode 312


On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 11th and the 15th June, and what a week it was! First we had to say goodbye to two of our fave Corrie ladies Nicola and Eileen (though at least one of them only seems to be on just a temporary break), then we had Johnny cheating on Jenny, not just with a kiss but 'going the whole hog' as Moira put it, and as for Friday's episodes where Toyah finally revealed the truth about the baby to Peter... We certainly felt emotionally drained after watching it all, that's for sure! After Street Talk, we look back on the rollercoaster year that Nicola had on the Street in a special character profile that ends in a chat with actress Nicola Thorp herself! We talk about getting shot by Phelan, the Soap Award red carpet and, yes, we even cover THAT interview with Piers Morgan! With not much other news to discuss, we give The Kabin a miss this week, and end the show with a bunch of tweets, voicemails and emails in the listener feedback section.

Street Talk - 00:06:55
Character Profile: Nicola Rubinstein - 01:47:10
Interview: Nicola Thorp - 02:23:31
Listener feedback - 02:48:38


Conversation Street Episode 311


What do you get if you cross the return of Lewis Archer, an international drugs bust at Underworld, a trip to the Soap Awards, red carpet reactions and heap of listener feedback? Another bumper podcast, that's what! This week, we chat about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 4th and the 8th June. Rosemary's time is up after Roy discovers who's feeding her the information during her phoney readings, Imran makes a shocking discovery about the factory, Kirk unwittingly goes on a date with the delightfully nutty Mrs Butterlee, and then, of course, there was THAT appearance on This Morning... After Street Talk, we chat about our trip to the British Soap Awards last weekend - and what a year we chose to go! We say what it was like witnessing the red carpet arrivals, then share the behind the scenes goss about what it's like watching the ceremony live, sat in front of a massive light in what can only be described as the UK's hottest venue on an already warm day.. The sweat was dripping off us, but it was totally worth it! Next up on the podcast, we head to The Kabin, where we weigh in on the controversy surrounding one journalist's comments about a particular outfit at the Awards, then round off the podcast with some listener feedback.

Street Talk: 00:08:26
Our trip to the British Soap Awards: 01:56:30
The Kabin: 03:13:51
Feedback: 03:37:38


Conversation Street Episode 310


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 28th May and the 1st June. If you could add up all the many hours of audio we've recorded over the years, then divide them all up according to which character they're about, there's surely only one name that would come out on top, and that's Pat Phelan. The theories we've come up with, the powerful performances from Connor McIntyre we've enjoyed, the shocks, the laughs, the adrenaline... and now it's all over. This week, fate finally catches uo with the Street's greatest ever villain, but what did we actually think about the way he was written out? Elsewhere on the show, Michelle's wedding to Robert hits a bit of a snag when the groom does a runner, David tells his family and the police about Josh's attack, and - for some bizarre reason because we could really have done without this story taking up any time at all this week - Rosie and Gemma team up to take down drug dealer Antoine. After Street Talk, we recount our trip to Manchester over the Bank Holiday weekend. Thinking about visiting the tour of the new set? There are definitely a few things you should know so that you can make the most of your time there. We also give a quick review of the Tony Warren exhibit at the Salford Museum, and share a few stories about meeting up with some of the cast. Next up we've got The Kabin, and the news of a cool piece of Corrie history that's been fished out of Whitehaven harbour. We round off the podcast with some feedback, where we read out some of your comments on last week's Corrie episodes as well as some hot takes on how Phelan's exit played out.

Street Talk - 00:07:01
Manchester trip report - 01:58:29
The Kabin - 03:08:02
Feedback - 03:17:31


Conversation Street Episode 309


On this week's podcast, we share our thoughts on everything Corrie between the 21st and the 25th May in the UK. There were quite a few big story developents this week  - Nicola had her baby, David was given his verdict in court, Zeedan left Weatherfield, and Phelan's hiding place was finally revealed, but... for some reason, it felt like a bit of a 'meh' set of episodes to us. Let's hope we feel differently about next week's 9 o'clock eps! After Street Talk, we're joined by John from Corriepedia, who chats about the site's 10 year anniversary and shares some fascinating insights into what goes on behind the scenes of the massive Corrie database. That's followed by some news in the Kabin, including our reactions to a very worthy winner of an NHS Heroes award; then we finish things off with some emails and tweets in our feedback section.

00:06:28 - Street Talk
01:51:08 - Interview: John from Corriepedia
02:22:13 - The Kabin
02:29:30 - Feedback


Conversation Street Episode 308


On our latest podcast, we chat about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 14th and the 18th May. This week, Michelle makes a shocking discovery when she uncovers Aidan's will, Johnny takes out his grief on Jenny, and Sophie's still wracked with guilt over that final text from Aidan. Meanwhile, Flora clashes big time with Sinead, Zeedan puts his boxing skills to good use and lands himself in hot water, and Rita clashes with her new 20 ft neighbour. After Street Talk, we do a classic character profile on Sheila Crossley, which sheds light on how people's attitudes towards talking about suicide have changed in the last 50 years, then it's onto The Kabin, where we discuss last weekend's BAFTA ceremony, where surely Corrie had the Best Soap Award in the bag...right? We round things off with some listener feedback, inluding a bit of behind the scenes news about the impact Aidan's storyline has had for Corrie's social media.

Street Talk - 00:06:45
Classic Character Profile: Sheila Crossley - 01:26:25
The Kabin - 01:48:30
Feedback - 02:01:11


Conversation Street Episode 307


In our latest episode of the podcast, we talk about the events on the cobbles between the 7th and the 11th May in the UK. Well, Kate Oates has said one of her aims with Aidan's suicide storyline was to get people to talk about the issue, and by 'eck, did it work on us! After kicking things off with the usual Corrie history quiz, we go on to spend nearly three hours dissecting what has been one of the show's most important weeks ever. The incredible performances, the important messages, the masterful direction, the perfectly interweaving storylines... This is a week of Corrie that's affected so many people, and we just hope we've done it justice with our critique. After Street Talk, we take a very brief break from discussing the week's episodes to see what's been going on in the news, then we're back to Aidan again for the feedback section, where we read out, and listen to, some of our listeners' thoughts on the week.

Street Talk - 00:06:42
The Kabin - 02:49:49
Feedback - 02:51:41


Conversation Street Episode 306


Our latest podcast covers the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 30th April and the 4th May. This week, two stories which, let's face it, have been a little bit on the ridiculous side over the past few months, both reached a climax. Firstly, in the story that perfectly encapulates the soap words of doom "What could possibly go wrong?" Eva gives birth to baby Susie, and Toyah puts the next phase of her plan to pass it off as her own into action. Then we have Jude, Mr "I am not, nor have I ever been, a marine biologist", finally being caught out by Angie after trying to pass two amateur actors off as his bullying co-workers. Fortunately though, despite the whole suspension of disbelief thing, we actually did enjoy both these storylines! Also this week, a tearful Jenny reveals her true motivations for wanting a fresh start in Spain, Yasmeen gets her mojo back, and Beth eyes up a new business idea for Kirk. After Street Talk, we have a listener question segment that covers the topic of life after soap for actors, then we run down the shortlist in the British Soap Awards in The Kabin. After a feedback section full of emails, tweets and Facebook messages, Gemma does a solo Kabin Extra covering some of next week's big events on Corrie, which Michael's been on a social media and soap news blackout to try and avoid since Monday. Just a few days left to go!

Street Talk - 00:08:30
Listener Questions - 01:30:20
The Kabin - 02:05:05
Feedback - 02:42:45
The Kabin Extra - 03:06:25


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