We love to have other people coming on the show to talk about Corrie - here are the episodes where we've invited special guests on the show for a chat.

  • Episode 86: Mark Grant on his work with the DownEastStreeters.
  • Episode 90: Our trip to Coronation Street: The Tour, including interviews with Corrie expert Mark Llewellin, Manchester Taxi Tours' John Consterdine and Corrie tour guide Rachel.
  • Episode 92: Glenda Young on her book, A Perfect Duet.
  • Episode 96: Mark Grant on Jimmi Harkishin's visit to Canada.
  • Episode 125: Our return trip to Coronation Street: The Tour at Christmas, with an interview with tour guide David.
  • Episode 145: Jack Lewin on his Lego Corrie videos.
  • Episode 161: Jack Lewin on his trip behind the scenes on the Corrie set.
  • Episode 162: Sally-Ann Matthews on Jenny Bradley's return to the cobbles.
  • Episode 182: Glenda Young on her book, Deirdre: A Life On Coronation Street.
  • Episode 200: Sally-Ann Matthews returns to chat about her scenes in Blackpool and romance with Johnny, and answers some of your listener questions.
  • Episode 203: Glenda Young on her book, The Little Book of Carla Connor.
  • Episode 215: Paul Lanagan on his trip to the Corrie set for the I Am Team GB event, plus his work for
  • Episode 218: Glenda Young on Coronation Street: The Official Colouring Book
  • Episode 250: Connor McIntyre on his character Pat Phelan