Conversation Street Episode 99


On our final double-digit podcast, we chat about the Corrie episodes broadcast between the 1st and the 6th June in the UK. What's black and blue, and orange all over? It's Tina of course, who sadly passes away this week following her run in with Rob, a balcony and a piece of metal piping. As the residents of Coronation Street are left stunned by the news, things go from bad to worse from Carla, who suffers a miscarriage brought on by the stress. Meanwhile, Gail comes face to face with the man who tried to burgle her house, and Sally is faced with the prospect of an unexpected proposal. In the Kabin, we chat about this week's Farewell Tina documentary, whilst in the feedback section, we wonder when Simon Barlow's going to be allowed to grow up. For the classic character profile, we trawl the depths of Lake Windemere and bring up Joe McIntyre.