Conversation Street Episode 277


In this weekend's podcast, we talk about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 16th and the 20th October. The Phelan story has been building up to the revelation of his next hostage for a whie now, and this week, we finally find out... oh no, wait, we STILL don't know for sure who it's going to be yet. Come on Corrie - we're usually pretty patient when it comes to Phelan, but even we think this is starting to drag a bit now! At least things should start hotting up next week, it seems. Elsewhere, Coronation Street shows itself to be uncharacteristically up to date with its 'real life issue' story of the month as Summer gets a bit of Spice in her life, and the return of Mad Mary understandably drives Angie up the wall at number 3. The Kabin has us catching up with some past cast members and finding up what they're up to next - namely Keith Duffy, Tracy Shaw and Hayley Tamaddon, then we finish things off with a feedback section that includes two voicemails, a critical look at the Eva revenge storyline, and a story about a cheesy encounter with Sean Wilson.