Conversation Street Episode 256


It's the eve of the Britain's Got Talent finals week, and we can usually rely on Corrie to break out a few twists at this time, to set up the mega drama that's bound to unfold in the 9 o'clock specials. Well, this week we were certainly not disappointed, with our two favourite storylines of the moment both having amazing twists. First up on Monday, it's revealed that sleazy Neil is actually a police sergeant, a development that makes Nathan managing to evade the law so much in the past make much more sense. Not only that, but it opens up a brand new avenue for the story to head down in the future too - fantastic! The biggest reveal, though, of course, was that Ken's attacker was finally unveiled. Needless to say, we were INCREDIBLY  satisfied with how everything turned out there, and we cannot wait to see what's going to go down between Daniel and Ken next week! Aside from Street Talk, we've just got a bit of feedback to finish off the main podcast, but we do then head into spoiler territory at the end with a Kabin Extra, discussing this week's casting news, as well as sharing our thoughts and predictions for next week following Friday evening's thrilling trailer.