Conversation Street Episode 236


On podcast 236, we have a natter about the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 16th and the 20th January. This week, Eileen secretly weds the man of her dreams - and Andy's, come to that - but little does she know that her days of making fun of Gail for marrying a murderer will soon be coming to an end.. Meanwhile, Michelle continues to mourne the loss of her baby (that's right, Steve - it's HERS!) in her own special way, whilst Gemma makes a worthy contribution to the world of botany by investigating the age-old question: Do Venus fly traps actually exist, and if so, do they like doner kebab? After Street Talk, we rank the recent returnees and ponder the future for  Chesney in a listener questions segment, before catching up with what Katie 'I'm 19, honest!' Redford is doing now in The Kabin. We round off the show with a voice message (hooray!) and a couple of emails in the feedback section.