Conversation Street Episode 234


The first podcast of 2017 has us discussing the episodes of Coronation Street broadcast in the UK between the 30th December and 6th January. We don't know about you, but we certainly had Happy New Year when it came to Corrie watching this week, what with Jenny and Johnny taking centre stage for much of the seven episodes. The official 'Best New Couple of 2016' certainly had their ups and downs this week, but we were thrilled with how it all ended - now Johnny needs to get that wedding ring on her finger fast, before Aidan starts meddling. Still, if his schemes to split them up are anything like that busines plan he was putting together in the Bistro on Friday, we think they'll be okay. Elsewhere on the Street, Mary, Andy and Roy all decide to stay in Weatherfield after all (did anyone really expect them to leave?), and Phelan starts to put the wheels of his next evil scheme in motion. After Street Talk, we look at the Top 10 most featured characters on Corrie of 2016 in the Kabin, then finish off with a selection of comments from new listeners in the feedback section.