Conversation Street Episode 95


On this week's podcast, we discuss the episodes broadcast in the UK between the 5th and the 9th May in the UK. Shorts and T-shirt on everybody - it's time for the Weatherfield Fun Run! Unfortunately it doesn't turn out to be quite so fun for Lloyd, as he has a heart attack after passing the finishing line! He's not the only one with troubles of the heart either, although Peter and Dennis' are of a more romantic nature. Meanwhile, Anna braces herself for her own heart-to-heart with Owen... In the news section this week, we look forward to Julie Hesmondhalgh's first post-Corrie role, whilst we learn even more about Northen accents thanks to some helpful feedback. Speaking of feedback, this week we have rather a special email to read out, linked to our character profile focusing on fellow heart-attack sufferer, Derek Wilton.