Conversation Street Episode 20


On this week's Conversation Street, we talk about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 17th and 21st December 2012. We're starting to feel a bit Christmassy (we've even put some sleigh bells in the theme tune!), but on the cobbles, things are far from festive. We spend a good chunk of time discussing the domestic abuse storyline, including Wednesday's fantastic episode, and ponder over whether Leanne's icy treatment of Peter is starting to thaw. Speaking of Leanne, she's our focus in the character profile section this week, and we look back at some of the fantastic storylines she's had over the past 15 years. We round off with some news and listener feedback as usual. If you'd like to make a donation the hospital where Freddie Peacock actor Hayden Whitbread is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, the address is Finally, the address to buy tickets for the Lass O'Gowrie's Corriefest is


  • Tvor

    Heart is breaking for Tyrone. Do you think the romance with him and Fiz is appropriate or has ruined the believability of the abuse storyline? I don’t. I think Fiz really is a lifeline for a drowning Tyrone. That may not work in the long run but for now it keeps him alive.

    Fiz was hiding behind Jack and Vera’s old mini-bar. And under other circumstances, if you were jealous and thought your fella was having an affair with someone, wouldn’t you go off on one if you found an affectionate birthday card? Well you wouldn’t bash him but you would be pretty angry.

    Surely the low valuation is what will bring Carla back to Weatherfield because she’ll know something’s up.

    You mentioned that Craig and Simon are the only kids…The street is overrun with children! Craig, Faye, Amy, Simon, Max, Hope, Ruby, Asha, Aadi, Joseph, Liam, baby Jack and the one Tina is carrying.

    Dec 22, 2012 at 6:33 pm