Conversation Street Episode 7


This week on the podcast, we discuss the episodes shown between the 24th and 28th September. The storyline that dominated this week was obviously Tyrone and Kirsty's struggle to bring up baby Ruby, so we spend quite a bit of Street Talk discussing that. We also chat about Michelle's continuing feud with Tracy, Lloyd's efforts to get to know his newly-discovered daughter, and the return of Wendy Crozier, who also goes under the spotlight in our character profile section.


  • Tvor

    Ken’s pained look… He doesn’t know any other look, that’s the problem. He had that same look on when Alma seduced him, too. Not lust, not excitement, no, it was “deer caught in the headlights”

    I would like to see the Ken and Wendy thing NOT be an affair for a change! Of course Deirdre will never beleive it, but i can understand how it would send shockwaves down her spine. If i was in her shoes, i’d be hugely upset, with all that painful history behind that face. (remember, Deirdre called her Miss Piggy!)

    And good point about Ken losing his teaching job because he hit that kid! I’d forgotten that!

    Sep 30, 2012 at 2:36 am