Conversation Street Episode 6


On this week's episode of the podcast, which covers the episodes broadcast between the 17th and the 21st September, we talk about the latest developments in Gary and Izzy's quest for a baby, Lloyd's shocking discovery about his secret love-child, Gloria's plans to make the Rovers the pub of the year.  Also,  there's love in the air between Beth and Kirk - what do we think, and will it last?  All this, plus the usual news roundup, including Corrie's nominations at the Inside Soap Awards, plus the character profile section, where we delve into the past of everyone's favourite Scouse cab driver, Lloyd.


  • Tvor

    Really liking Lloyd’s new storyline already. Excellent actors involved. I love Mandy’s personal style, too. I want her wardrobe! I actually have a good friend in Manchester who went to acting school with the actress playing Jenna and she’s thrilled to bits for her.

    I think Jenna will come looking for Lloyd again, as she will want to know more. Mandy will probably fight it all the way.

    I disagree with you about Lloyd. I really like him and he’s never really had too many stories of his own but when he has, i’ve always found that Craig Charles has done a great job.

    I agree. I don’t understand why Rita got all emotional and cried buckets over Tina’s decision? Angry? yes. It occurs to me that this is the second time Tina’s done something, or was involved in something illegal for friends. Remember Graeme and Xin’s marraige for immigration purposes?

    Love love love Beth and Kirk together! But then I’d like any Kirk story! I don’t think Kirk would get on with a dopy woman. They’d end up both under a bus or something! He needs a woman that’s got a bit more on the ball than he does. And he treats his women like gold and that has to count for something. I don’t think Beth has had a lot of that.

    Gloria is SO going to be busted on this pub contest thing. And when i was a teen, back in the day, “Golden Glow” was cheap nasty cider here!

    Is the email address or conversationstr? Because i did send an email last week and i don’t know if you’d got it.

    Sep 22, 2012 at 9:20 pm