Conversation Street Episode 2


This week on Conversation Street, Gemma and Michael discuss the episodes broadcast between the 20th and 24th August. What do we make of the surrogacy storyline? Should Tyrone stick with Kirsty? How successful did we find Gail's dark chocolate biscuit seduction technique? Tune in to find out! Also this week, we make some predictions about what could be on the 'Scandals' episode of 'The Corrie Years', and cover Chesney Brown in our character profile.


  • Tvor

    (sorry for the multiples. didn’t realize it was moderating comments) So. Just listened for the first time tonight. Nice format! Love the character profile especially. Nice change that there’s no spoilers or rumours, too. I do spoilers but not everyone does. If you do plan to talk about something coming up, would be good to warn well ahead of time.

    Audio was a bit wibbly wobbly but that might just be me.

    Tyrone’s story is brilliant. You know he would have been at least emotionally abused as a child and i think that made him more suseptible to bossy bullying women. Most of his girlfriends have been aggressive though Kirsty has been the most. He wants nothing more in the world than to have a family of his own and it breaks my heart hearing him blame himself for Kirsty’s temper. That’s such a typical reaction from someone in that position but it’s hard to hear anyway. Thursday’s show had a mention of a councillor so it seems she’s just starting to go. I hope they keep that in the picture.

    Sep 1, 2012 at 9:52 pm