Awards 2017

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Conversation Street Awards 2017. You can listen to the awards show where we discuss the winners by downloading Episode 288, but if you just can't wait, here's a list of who won what!

In additon to our usual awards, we also had a brand new awards segment in Episode 289 of the podcast: The Joni Awards! Named after the character played by Sarah Harding, who is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, the Jonis are a cheeky look at the less than stellar aspects of our favourite soap. Unlike the usual awards, the categories in the Jonis are always flexible, and were also not voted for by the public; instead, we came up with our own list of nominations and decided who the recipients would be during the episode.

The lucky winners this year are as follows:

Worst new couple: Mary and Norris

Worst new character: Jude

Worst story: Brian's superstitions

Mardy Mare:  Anna Windass

Dirty Dog: Aidan Connor

Suspension of Disbelief:  Phelan's whisperings to Seb in his coma

Most Underused Character: Audrey

Most Boring Character: Alya

Build Up To Nothing: Rita's brain tumour

Some of these were tough choices! To find out why we picked each one, be sure to listen to Episode 289 of the podcast!